Programme Overview

Litriú an Lae is a NEW and exciting Irish spelling and grammar series for 2nd to 6th class.

Leabhar Litriú

  • Based on the ten themes of the Irish Curriculum
  • Uses a dual approach (phonological and thematic) in teaching spelling
  • Topic-specific language is introduced at the start of each unit and the lesson is built around this language
  • Promotes use of the strategy ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check’ to learn new words at the start of each unit
  • Features a cover flap that pupils can use to cover the spellings when practising
  • Integrates a cross-curricular approach to assist teachers in planning for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the new Primary Language Curriculum
  • A selection of units are based on other subjects, such as Geography, Maths and Art
  • Pupils complete the exercises and record the spellings in the Obair bhaile table at the start of each unit
  • The number of spellings to be practised increases as the week progresses. All the spellings should be learned by Thursday, allowing them to be tested each Friday
  • Sound patterns and word families are regularly reviewed
  • Children are encouraged to recognise sound patterns and record them in the grid at the back of their book
  • Includes a short self-assessment at the end of each chapter using the traffic light method
  • Filled with a broad range of vocabulary and highly engaging activities

Leabhar Gramadaí

  • Each grammar book comprises 20 units, with each unit intended to be completed over a fortnightly period
  • Written in line with the new Primary Language Curriculum
  • Teaches grammar using a variety of methodologies
  • Each chapter clearly shares the learning target with pupils ‘Tá mé ag foghlaim…’, keeping the lesson and pupils focused to help teachers with planning
  • A short self-assessment question at the end of each chapter encourages pupils to explain what they have learned in their own words
  • A review unit helps to consolidate learning after every four units
  • Lots of opportunities for oral work for pupils to apply and practise what they have learned
  • Contains fun and exciting written, speaking and listening activities
  • Cáit Chúramach is a recurring character who frequently reminds children of the grammar rules
  • Comprehensive glossaries contain lists of verbs and their translations and a summary of the main grammar rules covered in the book